Depends on the purchase method:

 Tickets purchased in offices (On-site Sales):

  • National Destinations: The company is entitled to return 85% of the value of its ticket if the consumer cancels it 4 or more hours in advance (Art. 67 DS 212/92 MTT). Once this time has elapsed, the company has the right not to return it.
  • No money will be returned from tickets purchased by members of the Frequent Passengers Club or Company tickets, as it is understood that they are regular customers of the service.
  • As an alternative you can choose to change the date / leave your ticket open, up to 45 minutes before the departure of your service.
  • International Destinations: the user may request the return of 85% of the value of the ticket up to 72 hrs. before leaving their destination (DS 183/64). Once this term has expired, the company has the right not to make the return. For these destinations, no changes after 72 hours are accepted.

  1. All returns are processed only with a printed ticket.
  2. To request the return of your money, you must come in person to our offices and complete a return form, which will indicate your personal information to make such return.
  3. The money will be refunded to the indicated bank account.
  4. The term to make the refund of the money, is within 5 business days.
  5. Passages exchanged with points of the Frequent Passenger Club are excluded from Returns.
  6. Excluded from Returns, passages that have been changed or left open after the date of purchase.

Tickets purchased at

  • They are subject to the return policies established by the platform and the current legal regulations.
  • Request for refund of tickets only through the portal Not in offices.

Tickets purchased in Online Sale (VON) (

  • You must contact the e-mail address Our Customer Service area will guide you to manage your request.
  • Subject to the same conditions of return On-site Sales.