According to the official website of AFIP, it is prohibited to enter through Customs:

  • Goods that do not constitute luggage.
  • Any type of merchandise with commercial or industrial purpose.
  • Firearms, unless authorized by the National Weapons Registry (RENAR).
  • Explosives, flammables and narcotics.
  • Imported merchandise prohibited for non-economic reasons (health, safety, etc.).
  • Franchise and tariff

Each person can take products for a maximum value of US $ 300 without paying anything, which exceeds this amount has to pay 50% of the surplus, we give some examples.

If you travel as a family you can add the franchise, children under 16 only have US $ 150, so a family type would have a franchise of:

  • Father: US $ 300
  • Mother: US $ 300
  • 20 year old son: US $ 300
  • Daughter of 15 years: US $ 150
  • TOTAL: US $ 1050

 How is the surplus paid?

There is a window located next to the Customs pass where one can make a deposit in cash.

 What happens if you do not declare what you bought?

Not declaring what you bought is a crime. In the best case you should pay what corresponds to the fine and end up paying double what you should. They can keep the products and also make you pay a fine.

Unauthorized edible products:

Food: home-made products, meats of any animal species, sausages, sausages, hams, honey, dairy products and derivatives, food without identification or label.

Vegetables: fresh fruits and vegetables; flowers and garden plants; fruit, ornamental and forest plants; vegetables and their parts (seeds, roots, buds, etc.)

Live animals: by policy, their transfer is not allowed.

Other products: animal feed, bee products (wax, propolis, etc.), veterinary products (serums, vaccines and others), insects, bacteria, fungi, reproductive material and other microorganisms for research.