All remittance of money that is made, must come to the hearing, which will be counted at the time of reception.

The sending of money is not instantaneous, the shipments arrive at destination only in some regular services that the company has scheduled, no later than 19:00 hours.

The shipping cost is calculated by a percentage of the total amount of the shipment.

The sender must provide all the names and surnames and the identity card number of the recipient, in order to provide greater security in the delivery.

The money orders will be delivered to the recipient personally, who must show his identity card.

It will only be given to a third party, if it shows the current identity card of the recipient and declares the amount sent, which must be authorized by a Supervisor of the company.

The withdrawals not withdrawn within seven days, will be deposited in a central cash register of the company, which may be claimed by the customer filling a form for their exit. The company will deliver to the recipient a nominative check within 72 hours of the request, after payment of the corresponding costs for the delay in claiming the securities.