✓ The cargo, parcels and money orders service is designed to make shipments between the cities of Puerto Natales and Punta Arenas and intermediate destinations, in our different regular daily frequencies.

You can transport envelopes, boxes, bags and cargo in general.

Money transfer service is also found. That is why the transport of money inside envelopes or parcels is prohibited. The company is not responsible for losses of undeclared money.

✓ The delivery of money orders will only be effective with the identity card of the on-site recipient.

The shipment of cargo, parcels and money orders, is active up to 30 minutes before the departure of our regular services. After that, the load will be sent to the nearest service.

The online tracking system allows you to check the status of your shipments and obtain a digital copy of your dispatch guides, invoices or receipts, allowing you to maintain greater control of your service.

You can quote your online services, to know the exact amount of your order, prior to the transport of cargo.

The Freight and Parcel Service is governed by the Legal Regulations in force, in accordance with the provisions of articles 172 and 220 of the Commercial Code, the Consumer Protection Law (No. 19.496 and No. 19.955) and other regulations of its own. the company, published within its website.

When requesting the Cargo and Parcel service, BUS-SUR delivers a Nominative Freight Order to its customers. For this, both the user and the company must declare the following:

  •      ✓ Identification of BUS-SUR
  •      ✓ Name (Sender)
  •      ✓ Name, phone number and RUT (Recipient)
  •      ✓ Freight order number
  •      ✓ Origin, destination, date and time of reception
  •      ✓ Delivery date
  •      ✓ Freight value
  •      ✓ Content declaration
  •      ✓ Declaration of the state of the load
  •      ✓ Number of packages
  •      ✓ Date and time of receipt of the recipient
  •      ✓ Name RUT and signature of the person receiving