✓ All passengers will have the right to transport their belongings inside the bus, according to the limits and regulations established for it. Bus-Sur is strictly governed by the Legal Regulations in force regarding the transport of luggage, in addition to some internal regulations. Consult the possible and prohibited objects to transport in our Frequently Asked Questions.


✓ If the customer exceeds the transport limits established by the company in terms of personal luggage, you must cancel a surcharge.


✓ A baggage is considered under the custody, care and responsibility of Bus-Sur from the moment it is tagged and uploaded to the trunk of the bus until it is delivered to the destination in the same condition in which it was received.


✓ It is the exclusive responsibility of the passengers, the luggage that goes in the luggage racks inside the buses.


✓ It is important to mention that the objects prohibited to transport are not tradable by the company.