Bicycles, when considered a means of transportation and a large-sized cargo, are subject to restrictions in their collection and transportation. If the passenger only travels with a bicycle and without bags, you can transport it for free, properly disassembled. In the event that the passenger travels with a bicycle plus luggage, he must pay an amount of $ 5,000.- for transported bicycle, in addition to transporting his luggage subject to the conditions described above. It is important to indicate that the transport of bicycles can not always be carried out on the bus that the passenger travels, due to the fact that we have a restricted load capacity, prioritizing the transport of packages allowed by passengers. That is why space is not secured in the shipment in which you purchased your ticket.

In case the passenger can not embark his bicycle for space, it will be sent in the nearest boarding that has loading capacity. Anyway, those who choose to ensure availability of space in the shipment, may take their orders to our cargo office, canceling the amounts established for it.

In all the modalities exposed, the bicycle will be required to be delivered unarmed. In the case of transporting bicycles on international trips, availability to transport them is not assured. It must be presented the same day of the trip with your bicycle to evaluate the load capacity, subject to the conditions described in the beginning. In case of not being able to embark it, the company will not refund the money of the value of the ticket, because the tickets are subject to the return conditions described in the ticket sales policies.