Our company does not discriminate against any user. However, it reserves the right not to board or get off the bus to any passenger who:

  • Be present while intoxicated.
  • Drink or drink alcohol inside the bus.
  • Use drugs or smoke inside the bus.
  • Cause disorder or crimes inside the bus.
  • People with animals in the cabin.
  • Actions that attempt against the safety of passengers and / or crew.
  • Do not comply with the safety regulations established by the company and the authority, such as insisting on shipping dangerous objects.
  • Conducts that attempt against morals, good habits and hygiene inside the bus. 

In the event that a passenger must get off the bus for the reasons described above, this will be done at the nearest Carabineros checkpoint. The crew is authorized to request assistance from Carabineros to safeguard the safety of the boarding in the event of any eventuality that emerges at any point along the route.